Upcycle: Picture Frame for Garden Tools

This is a project that I just finished up this weekend, so I will share it. There was no gardening tonight due to the stormy weather.  I thought that my potting bench needed some “art” so when I was at the “Mud Sale” in March, I thought a cheap frame would be perfect. It was peeling and a little chipped too. NO ONE else at the auction wanted it!

I paid $5 for the frame. The paint I got was free (from an ACE store promotion on a Saturday). It was indoor paint, so I sprayed it with a clear paint I already had to protect it.  I then found the decorative hook at a store (clearance for $5) and my husband cut down the metal because it was a little too big. Total cost of the project: $10! I think it turned out pretty! The pink is a little bold, I know… But it looks nice against the blue shed.


Flowers! Ticks! Poison Ivy!

So I had an extremely eventful day! I began with the flowerbeds beside my house. The bricks I used to edge, I got a few years back from my husband’s grandma (we put that in when we first moved into our house a few years ago). They were left over from the house. I don’t even know how old they are, but they were perfect for edging the flowerbeds.



I planted an azalea bush, petunias with a sweet potato vine in the pot, a mini rose bush, a daisy, and some sort of decorative grass. I got the bench from an “Mud Sale” last year.

Today was a good day for the flowerbeds, but a bad day for TICKS! My husband found one on him the night before and again today (he had been clearing a steep weeded bank by the garden).  About mid-day I found one crawling on my English Bulldog, Tank. GROSS! That makes 3 ticks in the last two days! Apparently, the ticks are going to be bad this year …

After I finished planting the flowerbeds on the side of my house, I started the other side. When I walked over to the rose bush, I noticed a bird fly out. It looked like a purple finch (I’m not sure though). Baby birds! Momma was not happy with me when I was weeding right by her babies. Turns out, I should have listened to the bird.

While I was pulling weeds from around the rose bush, I thought it was safe… The bird was staying away and not attacking (although extremely vocal). There were a lot of weeds and none of them looked dangerous until I started clearing.POISON IVY! I stopped weeding and ran inside for a hot shower! Logical, huh? Rinse off all the oil? Not exactly.

BAD IDEA… according to the research I did from “Poison Ivy FAQ” (AFTER I GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER!) you are not suppose to get a hot shower! OH MAN!  A hot shower will only make it worse because it opens the pours. Let’s just hope the gloves I was wearing were enough to keep it away. Only time will tell. As my husband said, “It’s too late now.”

Mulching and Replanting

Today we had to go to the greenhouse to buy flowers and a few vegetables that didn’t make it through the frost (even though I made a greenhouse to protect them.) The greenhouse we visited today is actually an Amish farm and the prices are very reasonable. They even had a very good selection.

I had to plant new tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers, and squash. Somehow my potatoes, onions, and a few tomatoes made it through the cold temperatures but have a little bit of frost damage. I also planted flowers in window boxes today.


You can also see in this picture how we are trying to keep the rabbits out of the garden. We learned that raised flower beds DO NOT KEEP THE RABBITS OUT! I thought they would, but a rabbit ate all of our lettuce. Good things it grew back!
My garden now consists of 5 raised beds (5′ x 5′) and two other small boxes that contain raspberries, asparagus, beans, and eggplant. If all the crops actually grow, I am going to have A LOT of vegetables!

We had to order one more scoop of mulch today. I wasn’t going to mulch, but then the soil seemed to dry right up. The mulch will help keep the plants damp and hopefully I will not have to weed as much. I did find a good site on mulching. However, most articles that I have read said you should use leaves or hay. I think it should still work.


Earlier this Spring-Constructing a Garden

Since I have just started to blog my experience, I have a bit of catching up to do. Each year I start a very small garden with only a few tomato plants and cucumbers, but I ALWAYS manage to kill most of the plants.  I begged my husband to have a bigger garden so I could start canning and so we could continue eating healthy. Don’t worry I have also done a lot of research. 🙂  However, we had on small problem…. MONEY. In order to build the garden I wanted, it would cost a lot. A shed alone was going to cost more than we wanted to spend.

We found an old shed on Craigslist, it was FREE for pick-up. My husband is the Craiglist King. You give him a task and he can find anything! Oh, and thank goodness he had a trailer to pick it up.  The door you see setting beside the shed we bought at Habitat Restore for $100. Who puts french doors on a shed? We do!

I know what you’re thinking, but wait… there is a vision. We stopped at an Amish farm, where they were going to burn old barn wood. We paid him $50 for the wood. The man was happy with the money and we were eager to use it!

We started using all the barn wood to cover the shed, then we painted it. Below is the finished product with the french doors and the old windows (we got those for free a few years ago).

Next, I found old shutters on Craigslist. I sanded and painted the shutters orange. My husband magically turned them into garden boxes.  He wasn’t sure about the orange paint, but he said as long as I liked it, that’s all that mattered. To be honest, I was petrified! It was extremely bright!

Finally, we decided to put it all together… With 9 tons of dirt, 3 cubic yards of mulch and a lot of sweat and blisters, it all came together. The process took about 2 weekends and 10 weeknights after school. Thank goodness for warm weather in March!

And I even have a potting bench area! I just have to add a few more flowers and plants. I would like some kind of vine that will hopefully grow up the trellis.

Well, my seedlings are started. This was approximately a month ago.  Overall, I love the way it turned out and I can’t wait for the work to begin! The total cost of the garden was under $500. Now it is time to grow and decorate the garden with flowers!