Mulching and Replanting

Today we had to go to the greenhouse to buy flowers and a few vegetables that didn’t make it through the frost (even though I made a greenhouse to protect them.) The greenhouse we visited today is actually an Amish farm and the prices are very reasonable. They even had a very good selection.

I had to plant new tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers, and squash. Somehow my potatoes, onions, and a few tomatoes made it through the cold temperatures but have a little bit of frost damage. I also planted flowers in window boxes today.


You can also see in this picture how we are trying to keep the rabbits out of the garden. We learned that raised flower beds DO NOT KEEP THE RABBITS OUT! I thought they would, but a rabbit ate all of our lettuce. Good things it grew back!
My garden now consists of 5 raised beds (5′ x 5′) and two other small boxes that contain raspberries, asparagus, beans, and eggplant. If all the crops actually grow, I am going to have A LOT of vegetables!

We had to order one more scoop of mulch today. I wasn’t going to mulch, but then the soil seemed to dry right up. The mulch will help keep the plants damp and hopefully I will not have to weed as much. I did find a good site on mulching. However, most articles that I have read said you should use leaves or hay. I think it should still work.



4 thoughts on “Mulching and Replanting

  1. Today was the first time Colby and I took care of some of the stuff in the yard. I pulled weeds and used a hedge trimmer for the first time! I thought you would be proud πŸ™‚

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