Flowers! Ticks! Poison Ivy!

So I had an extremely eventful day! I began with the flowerbeds beside my house. The bricks I used to edge, I got a few years back from my husband’s grandma (we put that in when we first moved into our house a few years ago). They were left over from the house. I don’t even know how old they are, but they were perfect for edging the flowerbeds.



I planted an azalea bush, petunias with a sweet potato vine in the pot, a mini rose bush, a daisy, and some sort of decorative grass. I got the bench from an “Mud Sale” last year.

Today was a good day for the flowerbeds, but a bad day for TICKS! My husband found one on him the night before and again today (he had been clearing a steep weeded bank by the garden).  About mid-day I found one crawling on my English Bulldog, Tank. GROSS! That makes 3 ticks in the last two days! Apparently, the ticks are going to be bad this year …

After I finished planting the flowerbeds on the side of my house, I started the other side. When I walked over to the rose bush, I noticed a bird fly out. It looked like a purple finch (I’m not sure though). Baby birds! Momma was not happy with me when I was weeding right by her babies. Turns out, I should have listened to the bird.

While I was pulling weeds from around the rose bush, I thought it was safe… The bird was staying away and not attacking (although extremely vocal). There were a lot of weeds and none of them looked dangerous until I started clearing.POISON IVY! I stopped weeding and ran inside for a hot shower! Logical, huh? Rinse off all the oil? Not exactly.

BAD IDEA… according to the research I did from “Poison Ivy FAQ” (AFTER I GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER!) you are not suppose to get a hot shower! OH MAN!  A hot shower will only make it worse because it opens the pours. Let’s just hope the gloves I was wearing were enough to keep it away. Only time will tell. As my husband said, “It’s too late now.”


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