A Mud Sale and POTATOES!

Today was an amazing day! I had a terrific day at a local Mud Sale even though I came home with a headache from the heat! I was in the sun most of the day and awake at 6:00am to get a good seat in the craft tent. It was CrAzY though! People were spending a lot of money for silly things. A small cabinet went for $55! I could have made it for $20! So I left that tent. My husband showed up and we went to the antique tent. My husband bid on a post digger (looks old), I will post pictures of that when it’s actually in my garden. Maybe tomorrow? My husband wasn’t exactly thrilled that I was taking pictures of him, but I did it anyway. 🙂

No real luck there either, so of course I got FLOWERS! I spent less than $30 and I got a lot of flowers! In fact, my mother-in-law might make out because I have no idea where I am going to plant them all. I even got two clematis for my trellis by garden table. I am excited to plant that!


After the mud sale, I decided to visit the garden to pull weeds, water, etc. I noticed my potato plants were looking a little dead. And I pulled them out and discovered POTATOES! A lot of potatoes! Super exciting! I have never planted potatoes before, so I had no idea how they are supposed to be harvested. It was a wonderful surprise!

I also found some peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and green beans! It was a great day in the garden! I think I will be making potato salad for tomorrow (not exactly the most healthy option, but still yummy!) It is so rewarding to grow your own food!


Planters and Flowers

Last week I decided to put all of my ‘collectables’ also known as ‘junk’ to good use. All of the planters I received for free or I already had them from previous years. The main cost of the planters was the flowers. I didn’t have anything special for the second shelf, so it’s just plastic. But it does blend in nicely with my beans!

I even turned an old milk container into a planter and also a bucket. I think it is starting to take shape! I added flowers to the other side as well.

The flowers I added, I got at a farmers market for $1.50!! I think they add a beautiful touch to the garden! I got the thermometer from an Amish Mud Sale for $3! No one wanted a rusty old sign, but I DID! In fact, I wonder what others think when I buy this stuff.


I also redid my window boxes and found old scissors to add some character!

Flowers MAKE any garden space! I wanted a garden that felt good to be in, not just work! The only thing that would make my garden better would be some sort of garden swing! I will have to work on that one! My husband said, “And where are we going to put that?”  Since I don’t have a swing yet, flowers will bring me peace!

So far I am very happy with the beautiful flowers. I got the sunflowers at a farmer’s market for $1.50. I just love the way it looks behind the blueberry bush and the wash board!



Progress in the Garden

Although I have not been posting, the garden has continued to grow. I am proud to say that I have many vegetables that are just about ready to be harvested. My tomato plants are slightly out of control, but I have just been ripping pieces off that have no evidence of flowering. I don’t think it will hurt the plant.

I have even enjoyed a cherry tomato.

I have a few other vegetables growing quite nicely. I was afraid that my banana peppers wouldn’t grow because they were over-shadowed by my huge tomato plants, but they seem to be growing just fine! Almost ready to be picked!


Below is my latest project (again with the help of my husband). For my cucumbers, I have made a trellis out of old windows and wire, hopefully not to interfere with my lettuce and carrots on the other side. I painted the frame, took out the glass and replaced it with wire so the cucumbers have something to grab. Total cost: FREE! The paint was even free at an ACE weekend promotion. 🙂

This is the other side of it, where my lettuce and a few carrots located. I think it is going to work out nicely. It is not nearly as pretty as the other side, but still functional.


Peas! I am very excited about the various vegetables popping up in my garden. It will allow me to eat healthier and it is now FREE (with a little hard work).

I will be out in the garden again tomorrow! Hopefully more pictures to post. 🙂