Planters and Flowers

Last week I decided to put all of my ‘collectables’ also known as ‘junk’ to good use. All of the planters I received for free or I already had them from previous years. The main cost of the planters was the flowers. I didn’t have anything special for the second shelf, so it’s just plastic. But it does blend in nicely with my beans!

I even turned an old milk container into a planter and also a bucket. I think it is starting to take shape! I added flowers to the other side as well.

The flowers I added, I got at a farmers market for $1.50!! I think they add a beautiful touch to the garden! I got the thermometer from an Amish Mud Sale for $3! No one wanted a rusty old sign, but I DID! In fact, I wonder what others think when I buy this stuff.


I also redid my window boxes and found old scissors to add some character!

Flowers MAKE any garden space! I wanted a garden that felt good to be in, not just work! The only thing that would make my garden better would be some sort of garden swing! I will have to work on that one! My husband said, “And where are we going to put that?”  Since I don’t have a swing yet, flowers will bring me peace!

So far I am very happy with the beautiful flowers. I got the sunflowers at a farmer’s market for $1.50. I just love the way it looks behind the blueberry bush and the wash board!




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