Another Day in the Garden

Tony and I began the morning with a 2.5 mile run and boy was it hot! We couldn’t do anymore than that because of the humidity. Going to church on Saturday nights have left our Sundays free. So today Tony promised to help me build the other window cucumber trellis and help me contain my tomato plants a little more. As I mentioned before, my tomatoes are going crazy! He was busy this morning taking the glass out of the window, which he said, “Is a complete pain!”

As you can see, the cucumbers seem to be growing up them well.It also hides the bright purple/pink paint that I chose and it looks nice.

I also worked on planting the numerous flowers I bought from the Mud Sale yesterday. I saw on Pinterest to use burlap in planters instead of the expensive moss you can buy at garden or craft stores. So, since my husband bought burlap at a sale in April we had some on hand.  I was annoyed because I had no idea what we were going to use it for, but now I am glad he bought it. 🙂 That is usually what happens when I leave him unattended at an auction. Below is what I put the burlap in and the flowers I planted.

Here is the finished product! I really like the look of the burlap! In fact, I think I love it more than those moss (expensive) liners.  I had an empty space in my flowerbed behind my potting table because my asparagus and rhubarb didn’t grow. I think the seeds (or roots) I got from SKH were old. So I turned this corner into something pretty.

Side flowerbed finished… I had to take the picture through the trellis, but you can also see my beans and eggplant to the right.

Here is a different angle, but in this picture you can see the antique post digger that my husband bought for $5 yesterday.


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