A New Year

Tony and I invited our families over for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Although a few family members were missing,  it was a full house. I loved the time off and I truly enjoyed the time with them. 🙂

New Year's Collage

A whole two weeks after January 1st and I have not made a “formal” resolution. I guess it is the thought that if you want to change, why would you need a New Year to decide? I know… I know… it’s not that easy. I guess it is easier to change with the date because the New Year represents a fresh start.   As I look back at 2012, although there were many good moments, it was an extremely trying year. Those of you that know me well, know this to be true.

Last night, while thinking about the New Year, I came across a quote on Pinterest. The quote applies to life in general and it certainly applies to 2012.

Don't Look Back

So it’s time to look forward and make resolutions anyway. The truth is I have been reflecting quite a bit lately and none of the resolutions are really “new”. However, it is finally time to actually write them down.  Here they are:

  1. Pray more– I tend to complain about situations instead of praying about them. I have to remember, I am not the one in control.
  2. Become a better wife– I am married to an amazing man. He deserves to be loved like that.
  3. Be grateful- I have a wonderful life and I am very blessed. Writing down one thing I am thankful for a day is a good start. (Credit: Thanks Alicia for pinning the idea and helping me make my own Gratitude Journal).
  4. Become a better sister, daughter, aunt, and friend– The truth here is I am so consumed by my daily responsibilities that over the years I have not made enough time for the ones I love.
  5. Enjoy life- How am I suppose to give others my best if I do not take care of myself? Don’t we decide if we are happy or not? I choose to do more things that make me smile.

Like I said,  I have already been working on these for a few months (at least thinking about them), but it is a little strange to see them in writing. I can think of a few more, but I think I have quite a list here. Here’s to a New Year… a fresh start! Happy (2 weeks late) New year!






4 thoughts on “A New Year

    • Thanks Amy! I figured I would start blogging again even if I can’t blog about gardening (although I WAS out pulling weeds today, but no one wants to read about that). I also caught up on your blog today too 🙂 It looks great!

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