First Week of Freedom!

So, it’s official! I have ‘retired’ from my teaching career. After 7 years of teaching in a wonderful school district with amazing colleagues, I left teaching. It finally started to feel real last week when I packed my entire classroom. Those boxes are now in my craft room. Maybe I will have time to actually read some of those books.


Yes, many people think I’m crazy, but I know that it is the right decision. At some point I will blog more about this decision (it was a few years in the making). I will update you on the sacrifices my husband and I have made and other reasons for my decision. It made sense. However I’m not quite ready to blog about that decision-making process. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 6.13.58 PM

I loved the comment I got from a family friend, “But you have summers off and you still want to quit?” Ummmm, YES!  That is not true, as a teacher I never had summers off. I worked until the last week in June teaching summer camps and was back in setting up my classroom by the beginning of August. But what about July?  That’s the time for creating! Creating everything new and evaluating things that just didn’t work! It is also a time for revisiting lesson plans, filing all the stray papers into the correct binders, and organizing my computer files that I was too busy to do anything with during the school year… Let’s be real here, if I didn’t have “summers off” I would have made the choice sooner.   Everyone has such strong opinions on this topic, but unless you are a teacher, you never fully understand the time commitment. Yes. It was a wonderful, fulfilling job. Yes. It does take so much out of you.

So, with my first free summer, I have actually been enjoying so much time with my family! It is a nice change in my life right now.  Friday was my niece’s graduation. I’m so proud of her! She is such a bright young woman!


Sunday was a day spent at Hershey Park with my sister and her family.  We had a blast! Although, I have to tell you, being at an amusement park with kids is just so much more fun!


It was a little warm, but it was so nice to spend the day with them.


We eventually split up and they went to The Boardwalk (water park) and Tony and I went on some roller coasters. When I rode the Skyrush, I screamed the entire time because I felt like I was going to fall out! In fact, I didn’t see the ride because I didn’t open my eyes once! I’m not sure when I became so terrified!

I also did my first summer craft today! Super hero costumes! My sister signed her girls up for a Super Hero Fun Run this Saturday. I somehow talked her into creating costumes for them. Overall it was a big success! It took us just under 3 hours and the total cost was about $25 for both costumes. The blog that I used for directions was A Beautiful Ruckus. It is a really neat blog I found through Pinterest! Might be worth checking out! 🙂 I only used about 5 yards for each girl! They loved their costumes! 


It has been such a great start to the summer! Next week I will have help in the garden! Excited to start working! Hopefully it doesn’t keep storming like crazy!


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