Cherry Picking June 2013

I decided to cross one thing off my summer bucket list this morning. Our local orchard opened for cherry picking on Monday. I picked up my niece and off we went!  There is always an abundance of cherries year after year and I didn’t think we’d have a problem finding edible cherries. I actually used to work at that orchard during college, so I am well aware of how rain impacts the cherry picking season. When cherries are ripe and it rains (a lot of rain), all the cherries split and they mold very quickly. With all of the recent rains, that was the case today. My niece was a trooper though and didn’t let those cherries discourage her picking! 🙂


We did find some great cherries though! One tree didn’t seem impacted like the rest. We were so excited! We thought we hit the ‘cherry jackpot.’


My niece absolutely LOVED picking cherries! She didn’t want to stop picking them. My intention was to only fill 3 buckets (which was already ambitious), but it turns out they had extra bags on hand. We had to fill two more bags.


She couldn’t get enough! She even accidently picked a stink bug and that didn’t stop her either. I HATE stink bugs! It’s a good thing I didn’t find it or we might have stopped sooner. I know, I know, I should not be scared of bugs because I work in the garden so much, but for some reason I cannot stand stink bugs. I despise everything about them and see no purpose for them.


We ended up picking 28 lbs of cherries and we gave most of them to family and neighbors. It was a good lesson on giving to others without expecting anything in return too! Before we could give them away though, we had to do something about the potential mold.  We washed them in vinegar/water solution.


Vinegar Solution:  About 1/8-1/4 cup of vinegar in a gallon of water.  It WILL smell like vinegar at first (my niece claimed she couldn’t eat the cherries anymore because they smelled bad). But don’t worry, once the cherries dry the smell goes away or you can just rinse them if you’d like. My niece had no problem eating them once they dried. The vinegar stops the spread of mold spores that may be on the fruit. In this case, the cherries would have become moldy rather quickly with the surrounding rotten cherries on the trees.  The wash will work with any berry. I often use it for raspberries because they mold really quickly.


We had a great day! Now I have to figure out what to do with the cherries I still have. I’m thinking about freezing them and hopefully I can make some smoothies. Any other ideas?  🙂 It was a wonderful day!


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