June Garden Update

The vegetables are really growing around here!  I am excited to share with you the progress of my garden. Right now I have four raised beds and two smaller beds you can’t see in the picture below.  I may be expanding the garden next year because there is just not enough space. I didn’t attempt to grow potatoes or carrots this year because I didn’t have the room. 😦


In my  garden I have various types of tomatoes. I have Big Beef Tomatoes for sandwiches, Roma for sauce, and of course Cherry Tomatoes for salads and cooking.In order to have great tomatoes it does take extra care. I’ve been pruning them by removing the suckers. You can find basic tomato care on a post from last year. Needless to say, my tomato plants are growing well and beginning to produce tomatoes. 🙂 If only they would just turn red!


I also have a few peppers growing too. I planted them facing the sun so the huge tomato plants would not overshadow them. I have 2-3 banana pepper plants, along with green, yellow, and red peppers. No hot peppers here. I cannot do heat. I grew hot peppers last year and I didn’t use them. So this year I just didn’t grow them. I can always visit my mom’s garden to get a few if I need them.


My raspberries are growing as well! I love having them in my garden. The trick is figuring out how to keep the birds away. If you have a creative idea, I would love to know.


This month I have been weeding, watering, and controlling pests. All of this hard work will payoff soon.  It was so nice to have help on Sunday. My niece loved taking the suckers off the tomatoes and even helped water the plants. It is so neat to hear all of her questions. It is such a learning process for her. 🙂 Since teaching is in my blood; I love it!


My dog, Bailey was not as helpful. He spent the entire time trying to find food. Trust me, we do feed him.  He just loves tomatoes! He will even try to pick them right from the tomato plants when they’re ripe.


It is going to be really hot this week, so I will not forget a day of watering.  I water all my plants at night. There are all kinds of theories about when to water and how much, but my plants are still alive, so I must be doing something right.


10 thoughts on “June Garden Update

  1. PS I finally planted some stuff! Basil, cilantro and lavender 🙂 My chives and mint came back from last year, but that mint is going crazy! I’m ready to yank it all out!

    • Awesome! Mint is crazy!! I should have planted mine in a pot because I’ve been pulling mine out too! I’ve had my chives for years and I love that they keep coming back too! What are you using the lavender for?

  2. I can tell you are having fun playing with the garden.
    I have never heard of removing the extra between the”Y”. I went out between the rain and snipped them off. I assume anywhere there is a “Y” you snip? I will see if this produces better tomatoes. Also cleaned up the bottoms–more air flow. Normally I don’t do this because of time but also because no one really mentions it.

    • Yep! I think every branch will grow tomatoes, but it will take too much energy out of the plant to grow that many tomatoes. One thing that I did learn- it is okay to cut any branch if it’s too big, in the way, or has something wrong with it and it won’t kill the plant. Before I pruned my tomatoes, I would just let them grow wild. It was crazy! 🙂 Glad I could help and I am loving playing in the garden!

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