A Day in the Mud

Yesterday my husband and I attended a Mud Sale. For those of you that have never attended a Mud Sale, it is a sale to benefit the local fire companies in our area. The Mud Sales are in Amish Country and I love the experience and deals! There are many mini auctions going on at the same time and it is an all day event (8am-3pm).


You can get things for great prices. Certainly, as with any auction you have the ‘deep-pocket-bidders’. I always question these bidders. Questioning why in the world did that one person bid a blueberry bush up to $40 when you can buy it for $20 at Lowe’s with a 1-year guarantee?


Not all people are crazy though. I did make friends with the lady and her entire family sitting beside me. It just so happens she was a retired teacher from New York and vacationing in Lancaster County is a treat for them (along with the Mud Sales of course!) I love to talk to random people (yes… I am one of those people). Everyone has a story if you are willing to listen. 🙂

Here is a little bit about the auctions:

Antiques- Some stuff is completely overpriced, while other items are a steal. They had everything from old shutters and stained glass windows to small collections and even old Cabbage Patch Dolls. I saw an old butter churn that I wanted, but it went for $235 (WAY too much money to fill with dirt and use as a unique garden planter).


Craft Tent- In previous years, I would spend the entire day here. I did not find a need this year because I have plenty of Amish built benches, shelves, and birdhouses. Aside from walking past, I didn’t even stay at the tent this year (per husband’s request to avoid more stuff).

Flowers- This is where I spent most of the day. They had two auctions going on under the same tent (a little confusing because they both had speakers). One of the auctions was just for perennial/shrubs and the other for annuals. At the perennials tent, they would explain each plant before bidding started, which was awesome! They would say the sun required, height/width, and types of flowers, and when it would bloom. The explanation was perfect for a novice gardener!


There were also auctions for tools, guns, lawn furniture/decorations, quilts, horses, and food/house goods.


We are expanding our garden next year, so we were in search of plants for the new garden area. Our haul consisted of:

3 blueberry bushes ($10 each)

2 sour cherry trees ($12 each)

2 peach trees ($10 each)

In addition, 1 dog crate for when we take our dogs to the mountains ($2), 6 beautiful (new) glass tiki torches ($10 each), a hanging swing ($62), decorative garden stakes ($5 each), 4 hanging planters ($2 each), 8 basket planters ($2 each), and a whole truck load of annuals and perennials for both sun and shade (not sure about the price here, Tony was bidding on $0.50 plants nonstop). I think he just liked pretending he was on Storage Wars and saying “YUUUPP!”


After we left the sale around 3:30PM, we began the two-hour task of planting our purchases. We ended up with more than we can plant at the moment, so we gave the rest away. We dropped a bunch of plants off at my mother-in-law’s and headed to my mom’s to drop off the rest and enjoyed some fireworks.


It was a great day! If you’ve never been to a Mud Sale, perhaps you might want to consider going. 🙂


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