Garden Expansion Is Beginning

This is a quick post.  I’m updating from my phone because I’m so excited to share. Tony finally has a ‘free’ moment to work on the garden. I say ‘free’ because any of you that personally know my husband, know he doesn’t ever have free time. But he’s finding time and has started mapping out the garden expansion. 

Here’s a quick look: 

Below is the pile of building materials he’s been collecting. We are trying to do this as cheap as possible and most of the supplies have been free. 


I’m most excited about my greenhouse that’s going to be made completely out of old windows! Below is the picture of where it’s going to go. It’ll be small, but it’ll be perfect for me. 

The blue spray paint is actually how far it’s going to come out. The base Tony found on Craigslist for free! 

Here’s our view from the garden:  

And just for fun, Cheesecake our bulldog, Bailey our Jack Russell, and in the background you can see T.J. our most well-behaved dog:


I’ll be updating the progress. I’m so happy we are finally beginning this project! 


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