Keeping the Rabbits OUT!

So what do normal people do on a 95 degree day? They swim or stay out of the heat! What does a gardener do? They work int the garden, heat and all. I had no choice, the rabbits were ruining my garden.  In early spring, a wood fence with plastic seemed like a good idea. The fence was relatively inexpensive and we were already spending money on paint, Craiglist, and dirt. We decided to save some cash by getting a cheaper fence. Well, that choice actually ended up costing more money. The rabbits figured out how to chew through the fence! They even ate my broccoli that was ready to be picked! I’m happy they didn’t touch anything else in the garden. 🙂

I decided to go to Lowe’s for a metal fence (which costs $27.00 per roll and we needed two rolls). Then, I figured since I was taking the fence apart, I might as well stain it! Yeah, since that is a fantastic idea on a 95 degree day! So, I got rid of the plastic fence, stained the fence, and my husband put on the metal fencing.  It was a lot of work, but I love the way it looks!



I even had a little help 🙂 He slept while I worked, but he was happy to be in the shade with a nice breeze.

I also had to replace the destroyed broccoli, so I went to a local flower shop. I got three different types of peppers. Buy one, get one free! I also bought a few other plants. I bought BBQ Thyme, spearmint, oregano, flowers, and sweet potato vines.


Below is where the broccoli used to be. I hope we have finally figured out how to keep rabbits out. If this doesn’t work, I might try the hair trick. My aunt told me to use hair (dog, human, whatever) and sprinkle it around the garden. This trick is actually on a lot of garden blogs too! I just didn’t want animal hair all over the garden.


Flowers! Ticks! Poison Ivy!

So I had an extremely eventful day! I began with the flowerbeds beside my house. The bricks I used to edge, I got a few years back from my husband’s grandma (we put that in when we first moved into our house a few years ago). They were left over from the house. I don’t even know how old they are, but they were perfect for edging the flowerbeds.



I planted an azalea bush, petunias with a sweet potato vine in the pot, a mini rose bush, a daisy, and some sort of decorative grass. I got the bench from an “Mud Sale” last year.

Today was a good day for the flowerbeds, but a bad day for TICKS! My husband found one on him the night before and again today (he had been clearing a steep weeded bank by the garden).  About mid-day I found one crawling on my English Bulldog, Tank. GROSS! That makes 3 ticks in the last two days! Apparently, the ticks are going to be bad this year …

After I finished planting the flowerbeds on the side of my house, I started the other side. When I walked over to the rose bush, I noticed a bird fly out. It looked like a purple finch (I’m not sure though). Baby birds! Momma was not happy with me when I was weeding right by her babies. Turns out, I should have listened to the bird.

While I was pulling weeds from around the rose bush, I thought it was safe… The bird was staying away and not attacking (although extremely vocal). There were a lot of weeds and none of them looked dangerous until I started clearing.POISON IVY! I stopped weeding and ran inside for a hot shower! Logical, huh? Rinse off all the oil? Not exactly.

BAD IDEA… according to the research I did from “Poison Ivy FAQ” (AFTER I GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER!) you are not suppose to get a hot shower! OH MAN!  A hot shower will only make it worse because it opens the pours. Let’s just hope the gloves I was wearing were enough to keep it away. Only time will tell. As my husband said, “It’s too late now.”