Projects! Projects! Projects!

So, as you know I’ve been on a bit of a break. Actually it’s only really been a break from blogging. I’ve still been busy taking old objects and giving them new life. I’ve ventured out of just gardening and I am extending into home decor. There are just some things that are too beautiful to let sit outside. So, here’s what I’ve been working on. The “How-to’s” will come soon, but unfortunately I haven’t been taking ‘in progress pictures’ so that’ll have to wait.

Here is my first coat rack or jewelry holder:


Another coat rack made of door knobs and a cabinet (I love the red paint underneath):


A towel rack. Maybe? I didn’t really like the paint on this one but I was just experimenting:


I’ve also been working on plate flowers for my garden. The one below is my favorite. I just have to add a spoon to the back and buy copper pipe. I also want to make a copper leaf somehow… I still have to think about how I’ll make that happen. But here it is so far:


Here are a few things I picked up at the auction on Saturday, but you’ll have to stay tuned… I’m starting them this week for my mother-in-law! They don’t look like much now, but you just wait! 🙂



I also picked up some old frames on Saturday. They are pretty rough and an older couple there wanted to know what I could possibly do with them. Oh, I’ll find something! Chalkboards? Signs? Garden glove holder with sign? Who knows? But I’m sure I’ll find something!


I’m also working on projects for the garden to make with glass insulators. I’ve been collecting them for a few weeks now.


I’m also pretty excited I found handmade nails! I picked them up at the auction Saturday. They were in a box of stuff that most people would think is junk. I can’t wait to work those into a few projects too!


So, that was just SOME of what I’ve been working on lately. I also been taking quite few more pictures. My husband got a new macro lens for my camera, so here’s a picture with it! 🙂 I’m sure I could have captured more detail with the lens but this was my first picture with it. I just love the colors!


Coming soon: More projects and “how to” directions 🙂


“So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want”

We all know the line from Sweet Home Alabama. There is just something about that movie and that line that I just love. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched that movie either. ❤

In case you haven’t seen the movie- In the beginning of the movie when they were kids:

Her: What do you want to be married to me for, anyhow?   Him: So I can kiss you anytime I want. (They kiss in the middle of a storm). At the end of the movie, he asks her why she wants to marry him and she says “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” 🙂 So sweet!

When thinking about decorations and word quotes for our room, there were a lot that I loved. It was so hard to decide.  But “So I can kiss you anytime I want” is something my husband and I still jokingly say to each other 🙂 So in our room it belongs.

I started out with an old sign. It was free and going to be thrown away by a neighbor. Although it is a good sign, I didn’t have a place for it in my house. So, a new sign it is! If you didn’t have a sign to reuse, I don’t see why you couldn’t just use a piece of wood.


I taped off the frame and sprayed the sign white:


I cut out the letters with my Cricut (I LOVE IT):


I organized the letters out and pressed them down:


I spray painted the sign again with blue over the letters:


I carefully lifted the letters and the white showed. I untaped the border and here is the final sign. I found a perfect place for it above the closet doors.


And I leave you with Tank, who doesn’t care about the sign, but loves his place in the room. He heard Bailey bark and it made for a perfect pose.  I couldn’t resist posting this! 🙂


Jewelry Organizer: From an Antique Typeset Case

My husband and I are currently renovating our bedroom. I wanted a more cottage feel with blues and whites. So with a little white crown molding, a fresh coat of light blue paint, and new beige carpet our room is just about complete. In the meantime, I began organizing and decorating. The first thing I wanted to do was to declutter my dresser starting with my jewelry clump.


What I had wasn’t working. Let’s face it, every women is trying to figure out a way to store and still display jewelry. I can’t even begin to tell you how many jewelry boxes I’ve owned since I was a teen.  I don’t even have very much jewelry; I just don’t wear it. Diamonds and gardening just don’t mix well. 🙂 Although not a lot of jewelry, I still needed a storage idea.

In search on Etsy I found one that I absolutely LOVED made out of a typeset case! However, the price tag wasn’t working–$129! Not that it isn’t worth it, but remember I don’t have that much jewelry and couldn’t justify spending that. Besides, I ALWAYS think… Hey! I can make that!  Ironically, my husband said we had an old typeset case above our garage! Awesome! ANNNDDDD it was already the color that matched our bedroom! Even better! So, with the help of my husband (as always) we tried to figure it out.


So with a trip to the hardware store for hooks, we got started.


I first organized my jewelry into the little boxes. Ummmmm…. is that all the jewelry I have?  Room to grow I guess. 🙂 He will eventually add hooks in every box, but we wanted to hang it and it is time consuming to put hooks in every box.


My husband simply pre-drilled the holes and screwed in the hooks.


We added hooks to the bottom for my necklaces.


I LOVE it! I also think it adds character to the room.



Bringing the “Reclaimed” Indoor

As you know, one of my resolutions was to do more things for me. Well, one thing I have been doing for me is home renovations. Who are we kidding? Tony is doing most of the work, but I am helping. He agrees that the house needs work too, so at least we are on the same page. We agree that home renovations are best done in the winter when you are stuck inside anyway.

Tank our English Bulldog is a chewer. He completely chewed all the corners of our old coffee table. It is right at his level and he didn’t have to bend over to chew it. He is extremely lazy! Although lazy, he still seems to find a way to ruin all of our furniture. He has chewed our couch recliner handles, our knobs on our dressers, and even the kitchen chairs.  In an attempt to keep our house nice Tony suggested making a different top for the table. We used barn wood we already had (from when we made the garden shed) and we just used the bottom of our original coffee table.

So here is what he made (total cost: Just a container of stain)

Coffee TableThe best part here is that Tank hates the smell of the table. He keeps sneezing after he smells it, so I am hoping he stays away from it. 🙂

In between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we renovated our work-out room too. Although there is nothing reclaimed about the room, other than… yeah… nothing. Everything is new.  We did find creative ways to save money and we did do all of the work ourselves.

In progress: I didn’t take before pictures, but the 1970’s paneling was terrible!


After: A place I actually want to work-out now.


So needless to say, we have been very busy. I am not sure what is on the list next, but with our old house I am sure we will find something.

Upcycle: Picture Frame for Garden Tools

This is a project that I just finished up this weekend, so I will share it. There was no gardening tonight due to the stormy weather.  I thought that my potting bench needed some “art” so when I was at the “Mud Sale” in March, I thought a cheap frame would be perfect. It was peeling and a little chipped too. NO ONE else at the auction wanted it!

I paid $5 for the frame. The paint I got was free (from an ACE store promotion on a Saturday). It was indoor paint, so I sprayed it with a clear paint I already had to protect it.  I then found the decorative hook at a store (clearance for $5) and my husband cut down the metal because it was a little too big. Total cost of the project: $10! I think it turned out pretty! The pink is a little bold, I know… But it looks nice against the blue shed.