Favorite Gardening Apps

In an attempt to learn more about gardening in general, I have recently explored a few apps on my iPhone.  I have 6 gardening apps right now, but I only really use two. I am sure I will find more in future searches.

The first app I really like (especially because I am still learning) is Garden Compass by TeamSOA Inc.


Pros: It is FREE! It doesn’t get better than that! But that’s not my favorite part- there is a “Plant Identifier Section.”  You can take a picture of any plant and they will tell you what it is! No more searching for hours on the internet.  I already emailed them about a vine I couldn’t identify and they responded in a few hours. There is also a “Problem Identifier” section.  I just emailed them a picture today of a strawberry plant. One plant is having a problem and I really hope it doesn’t spread.   I know they will respond in a few hours (the app stated that it could take up to 24 hours due to volume). It is so easy to use! All you do is click on the section, open camera roll or take picture, add a description if you would like, and then send! That’s it! It took about 1 minute to complete the process. 🙂

Cons: Results are not immediate, so if you are in a rush, you’re going to have to look it up yourself. Remember, someone else is doing the work. Also, the app is free, which is awesome, but that means they have to make money somewhere. The  “Essentials” section is mostly where you can “find the closest retailer.”  I don’t really use that section at all.

Overall, I am kind of amazed that this is even a free app. I would certainly pay money for someone tell me a pest problem or to identify a plant. It is a useful, time-saving app.


Another app I love is Vegetable Tree- Gardening Guide, by Mohammad Azam. Have you ever been curious about plant growing conditions? Companion planting? Or even when to plant? This app takes out hours of researching and guessing.


Pros: You can research any vegetable and find out everything about it. It tells you space required, soil conditions, seed depth, when to start your seeds, when to plant them outside, and potential problems. Basically everything you need to know about that plant in one place! How cool is that? There is also a section that you can add any plants you have to the “My Garden” section to reference them easily. It is a simple app to use with a lot of information provided.

Cons: The app is $3.99, but in my opinion it is worth the cost in the time it saves. It is very basic, so it doesn’t include zone planting or garden planning. (Remember I use GrowVeg.com for my planning and zone help).


If you haven’t tried these apps, they are worth downloading.  I love learning and collecting resources, so if there is an app that you are using I would love to hear about it. 🙂