Mud Sale: April 12th





This was a new experience for me, not because I’ve never been to a Mud Sale, but because I went without Tony. My husband usually comes along-he helps me bid (I can be in two places at once), assists me get everything I bought, and loads things into the truck for me. Going alone was a new experience that I was nervous about, but with the husband being out of town it was a perfect distraction.


If you didn’t catch my last Mud Sale post in 2013, let me tell you a little bit more:

  • It’s organized and run by Amish volunteers to benefit the local fire companies. All the items are donated and the profits go straight to the fire company.
  • It’s an all day event- lasting from 7:00-7:30am- 2-3pm.
  • There are quite a few auctions going on at the same time: 2 separate plant auctions, crafts, antiques, horses, building materials, yard equipment, quilts, and all sorts of other stuff.
  • When I attend a new sale, in order to know where to go I just follow the crowd of people.
  • If you want to get the best deals you have to wait until people get tired and go home. Or go to a mud sale when it’s raining or extremely hot. Mud Sales are being advertised much better now thanks toΒ social media, so I can’t always find the best deal. Usually bad weather keeps people away.
  • You don’t have to carry any of your stuff to the car or truck. The little Amish boys will do all of that for you, I give them a tip.
  • I always bring my own chairs- I set one up at each tent I’m going to be bidding at. The seats they provide fill up quick.

This year I went in search of a few things- perennials, wood crates, and something to hang on my garden fence for decoration.


They had crates! I only paid $3 each, but at our local craft store they are $12 each.



There a lot of flowers and I did manage to get a good price on some decorative grass.





For the garden fence, I bought stars I’m going to paint. Hopefully it looks okay. I had my eye on these cute wood daisies, but they went for almost $20 each (WAY TOO MUCH). So, instead I bought 7 stars for $12. That was more affordable for me.



It was a great day even without Tony there. And I leave you with something you don’t see everyday.. (Don’t worry I took this picture when I was stopped in bumper to bumper traffic).



And this is what the Amish kids do when the sale is just about over- It’s hard to see, but they are all playing volleyball.





Projects! Projects! Projects!

So, as you know I’ve been on a bit of a break. Actually it’s only really been a break from blogging. I’ve still been busy taking old objects and giving them new life. I’ve ventured out of just gardening and I am extending into home decor. There are just some things that are too beautiful to let sit outside. So, here’s what I’ve been working on. The “How-to’s” will come soon, but unfortunately I haven’t been taking ‘in progress pictures’ so that’ll have to wait.

Here is my first coat rack or jewelry holder:


Another coat rack made of door knobs and a cabinet (I love the red paint underneath):


A towel rack. Maybe? I didn’t really like the paint on this one but I was just experimenting:


I’ve also been working on plate flowers for my garden. The one below is my favorite. I just have to add a spoon to the back and buy copper pipe. I also want to make a copper leaf somehow… I still have to think about how I’ll make that happen. But here it is so far:


Here are a few things I picked up at the auction on Saturday, but you’ll have to stay tuned… I’m starting them this week for my mother-in-law! They don’t look like much now, but you just wait! πŸ™‚



I also picked up some old frames on Saturday. They are pretty rough and an older couple there wanted to know what I could possibly do with them. Oh, I’ll find something! Chalkboards? Signs? Garden glove holder with sign? Who knows? But I’m sure I’ll find something!


I’m also working on projects for the garden to make with glass insulators. I’ve been collecting them for a few weeks now.


I’m also pretty excited I found handmade nails! I picked them up at the auction Saturday. They were in a box of stuff that most people would think is junk. I can’t wait to work those into a few projects too!


So, that was just SOME of what I’ve been working on lately. I also been taking quite few more pictures. My husband got a new macro lens for my camera, so here’s a picture with it! πŸ™‚ I’m sure I could have captured more detail with the lens but this was my first picture with it. I just love the colors!


Coming soon: More projects and “how to” directions πŸ™‚

A Day in the Mud

Yesterday my husband and I attended a Mud Sale. For those of you that have never attended a Mud Sale, it is a sale to benefit the local fire companies in our area. The Mud Sales are in Amish Country and I love the experience and deals! There are many mini auctions going on at the same time and it is an all day event (8am-3pm).


You can get things for great prices. Certainly, as with any auction you have the ‘deep-pocket-bidders’. I always question these bidders. Questioning why in the world did that one person bid a blueberry bush up to $40 when you can buy it for $20 at Lowe’s with a 1-year guarantee?


Not all people are crazy though. I did make friends with the lady and her entire family sitting beside me. It just so happens she was a retired teacher from New York and vacationing in Lancaster County is a treat for them (along with the Mud Sales of course!) I love to talk to random people (yes… I am one of those people). Everyone has a story if you are willing to listen. πŸ™‚

Here is a little bit about the auctions:

Antiques- Some stuff is completely overpriced, while other items are a steal. They had everything from old shutters and stained glass windows to small collections and even old Cabbage Patch Dolls. I saw an old butter churn that I wanted, but it went for $235 (WAY too much money to fill with dirt and use as a unique garden planter).


Craft Tent- In previous years, I would spend the entire day here. I did not find a need this year because I have plenty of Amish built benches, shelves, and birdhouses. Aside from walking past, I didn’t even stay at the tent this year (per husband’s request to avoid more stuff).

Flowers- This is where I spent most of the day. They had two auctions going on under the same tent (a little confusing because they both had speakers). One of the auctions was just for perennial/shrubs and the other for annuals. At the perennials tent, they would explain each plant before bidding started, which was awesome! They would say the sun required, height/width, and types of flowers, and when it would bloom. The explanation was perfect for a novice gardener!


There were also auctions for tools, guns, lawn furniture/decorations, quilts, horses, and food/house goods.


We are expanding our garden next year, so we were in search of plants for the new garden area. Our haul consisted of:

3 blueberry bushes ($10 each)

2 sour cherry trees ($12 each)

2 peach trees ($10 each)

In addition, 1 dog crate for when we take our dogs to the mountains ($2), 6 beautiful (new) glass tiki torches ($10 each), a hanging swing ($62), decorative garden stakes ($5 each), 4 hanging planters ($2 each), 8 basket planters ($2 each), and a whole truck load of annuals and perennials for both sun and shade (not sure about the price here, Tony was bidding on $0.50 plants nonstop). I think he just liked pretending he was on Storage Wars and saying “YUUUPP!”


After we left the sale around 3:30PM, we began the two-hour task of planting our purchases. We ended up with more than we can plant at the moment, so we gave the rest away. We dropped a bunch of plants off at my mother-in-law’s and headed to my mom’s to drop off the rest and enjoyed some fireworks.


It was a great day! If you’ve never been to a Mud Sale, perhaps you might want to consider going. πŸ™‚